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We Implement a holistic set of business and improvement tools that are relevant, practical, and sustainable.

We roll up our sleeves and work, while teaching and coaching along the way.


Dan Muhlenkamp Pic

The Avanulo Way is the most amazing total achievement system I have ever seen. Increased our EBITDA profit ratio a full 6 points in 4 months. More important, the team feels more engaged and more appreciated. I can't say enough good things.

Dan Muhlenkamp

Life is an eternally fulfilling adventure!

Lars Park Nielsen Pic

I worked with Dave on a capacity project for Mead Johnson Nutrition in Delicias Mexico through most of 2010. Dave used the Avanulo model to drive and track the advances that were obtained. The model is great in all of it's simplicity. However, the biggest contribution from the cooperation was Dave's ability to create focus and ensure true team spirit and work across the whole plant. The entire plant has never worked better in all of it's history and extraordinary results were obtained. 30% more capacity at a capital spend of 5,000 USD -that is five thousand US dollars ! It was in my mind Dave's accomplishment that all employees improved their performance and were happy to do so at the same time. It was just simply an amazing turn around.

Lars Park Nielsen

Director at Wyeth Nutrition

Brian jackey Pic

I worked extensively with Dave while serving simultaneously as site GM at two locations. Dave implemented The Avanulo Way operational excellence program broadly and successfully across both sites. These efforts enhanced efficiencies, increased yields, improved cycle times, stimulated cross-departmental collaboration and clarified site goals. Dave has an intuitive ability to assess an organization's gaps and apply his proven principles from The Avanulo Way to improve organizational performance. Dave has a masterful ability to implement training, communication and measurement systems that can truly transform the culture of an organization. I recommend Dave and The Avanulo Way without reservation for any organization seeking significant performance and cultural improvements.

Brian Jackey

SVP Technical Operations at Aceragen

Amir Mausoof

I have had the pleasure working with Avanulo for the past 10 years. In my capacity I have partnered with many such organizations but have never worked with anyone who focuses on people, leadership and training like Avanulo does. Avanulo has a hands on approach to be strategic and prioritizes what is needed to get superior results. I want to recommend Avanulo to any organization that is interested in breakthrough results through great people.

Aamir Mausoof

Director Of Operations at LIVEKINDLY Collective

Roberto Chimionato Pic

Avanulo Consulting has an efficient way of thinking focused on process efficiency, loss reduction and elimination of non value activities using its simple and efficient management tools. Its principle is based on people, skills development and discipline. I have worked with Avanulo Consulting for several months and I recommend it for every kind of business and process.

Roberto Chimionato

Healthcare Executive I Fellow at the Brazilian College of Healthcare Executives I Lean Six Sigma Specialist

Javier Icaza

David Cahill has huge experience in project management. During consulting phase at Mead Johnson, he showed leadership and excellent analytical skills in problem solving.
He was able to implement methodologies, completely aligned with business indicators, offering efficient changes, optimizing human and material resources.
One of the greatest characteristics of David is the capacity to achieve results with a great level of human relationships.

Javier Icaza

Head Quality

Walteno Silva Pic

Mr. Cahill is really an amazing professional, because he joins a business-oriented approach with an extraordinary capacity of motivate people during a crisis.
I worked with David in a project I was a plant Manager there and we were facing several problems with the production, the product got back orders and both companies were fighting and accusing each other during five months. When David arrived we accepted him naturally, he gave back the self-esteem to the team, nobody was guilty, everybody was great in his eyes. And we did together an extraordinary turn around. The production stabilized and we reached the goals.
In the shop-floor all the people love him. He gets the best out of everyone.
The meetings lead by David are fast and very productive, its not allowed to point fingers, it's not allowed to waste time. We have to go straight to the point and to prepare data before the meeting. All the people are involved on a daily basis, and all the company is aware and committed with the challenges and the goals.
I recommend emphatically David Cahill. The Avanulo Way is a great model, all the companies must apply it. It's simple and easy to use.

Walteno Silva

General Manager Latam na Arcade Beauty

Beatriz (2)

Dave Cahill leads Avanulo, a consulting firm that has provided support in various recent occasions to Mead Johnson Nutrition's Supply Chain organization in Mexico and Brazil.
My most relevant experience with Dave relates to his 7-month interim role in the Brazil Supply Chain Leader position as an external resource while we hired a permanent local Director. We interacted personally during a 2-day multi-functional planning off-site session, which I facilitated, with Dave and Brazil Supply Chain Operations Team members to develop the Brazil Factory acquisition transition plan. Additionally, Dave participated in weekly HR due diligence meetings for said acquisition.
Dave leverages broad based skills and knowledge from various Supply Chain Line and Supply Chain HR roles in previous work and consulting experiences. He's an inclusive manager who walks the floor and inspires trust and respect from the organizations he supports. Dave clarifies expectations and provides candid feedback. He delivered on acquisition commitments and led the Brazil OpCom to meet product production targets throughout this project.
It was a pleasure to interact with Dave.

Beatriz Estrada

Director, ESLO Consultores; Senior Consultant at Human Leaders Group (HLG), and Executive Coach for GAZA Insights

patricia (2)

My experience as a client of Avanulo and working with Dave found him to be very professional, focused, insightful, patient and responsive. He has a talent for synthesizing data and translating it into actionable recommendations. Dave is masterful at strategic thinking and planning. He displays the fortitude to keep our team focused on the task-at-hand regardless of the challenges we presented to him during the projects' evolution. Of the many consultants that I have opportunity to work with in my career, I found Dave to be extremely articulate and deeply dedicated to his client's success.

Patricia Vilaca Cagnacci

LA Quality Sr. Director na BD


Dave is a very business-oriented expert and knows how to translate his deep and detailed knowledge of the subject in order to delivery business targets on time as well as high integrity.

Mario Lino

R&D Director - Polenghi / Head of Innovation for Savencia Latin America

Victor Alcan Pic

Dave is a consultant expert on integrating team works, focused on opportunities, developing and tracking projects on time with excellent results. Is an expert structuring processes to reduce losses, increase productivity and focuse teams work on collaborative environment without looking for guiltiness and contributing to accidents reduction, quality defects reduction, productivity initiatives achievements.

Victor Alcántar

Plant Manager | Sr Technical & Operations Manager LATAM | Industry 4.0 | Sr Manager Engineering & Maintenance LATAM

aldo (2)

Dave is one of those unique leaders that could change an organization environment within days. His Avanulo tools develop discipline and also create union among all the team members. I had the chance to learn a lot from Dave and without a doubt their expertise leading people will return an extraordinary result.

Aldo González

Sr Manager, North America & LATAM Technical Services for Infant and Child Nutrition at RB

Peter tips pic

I have worked with David for more than a year during several projects in Mexico. I was impressed by the focus, the knowledge and the dedication David applied during the projects. The systems developed by Avanulo are clear, the training we got was clear, and the Avanulo systems were very good applicable. Also the systems delivered the desired output, effectiveness and efficiency. This was also due to that David kept the group focused and the tight time line was managed by David. Work Management systems are one of the main specialties in Avanulo and by executing these processes with discipline favorable results are guaranteed.

Peter Tips

Senior process engineer at Mead Johnson Nutrition

Joseph Baldwin Joe Pic

I have worked with Dave on many different projects spanning 10 plus years. Dave is highly motivated and procession driven individual. I have seen Dave's unique ability in action; his leadership ability inspires people to preform at their highest level. He has a way to get the best possible results out of less than perfect situations.
Dave personally developed business improvement tools that have been proven effective across the globe. Dave's vision is driven by his love for family, his love of people and a personal desire to see each person, he works with, achieve and perform at their highest potential.
If you are contemplating whether to contact Dave or not, Stop, pick up the phone and talk to him, you will experience first hand why I am recommending Dave Cahill.

Joseph Baldwin Joe B.

Southwest Safety Services Group Leader at Wagner Meinert Engineering, LLC

Eduardo Pulido Pic

Focus around organizing the work in the most efficient way, with great ability to conform high performing teams, with excellent communication skills and documentation. A creative person that easily adapt to challenging environments

Eduardo Pulido

Global Director ERP Architecture and Services

Mark Overmann Pic

Dave is a strategic manager, that is capable of balancing conflicting interests to achieve the goal of increased productibity and lower costs. He does this with superior interpersonal skills.

Mark Overmann

Divisional Manager, Site Support, Materials & Process Technology Engineer

Paul Gubitosa Pic

Dave has supported multiple business domains across the Dannon company and has a full understanding of business needs and requirements and is able to translate this experience into successful recruitment experiences for his clients. Dave follows up and is meticulous candidate review and selection for his clients.

Paul Gubitosa

President: Stamford Information Solutions

Jim Felmey Pic

Dave is a seasoned professional. I worked closely with Dave on many different projects. He is a natural leader with great strategic vision. I highly recommend him.

Jim Felmley

Supply Chain executive, 20+ yrs experience


I have worked with Dave at various plant facilities. Dave has done an excellent job in changing the culture and increasing output significantly. He is very creative and has a great personality. Dave speaks numerous languages so language is not a barrier for him. I defintely would recommend Dave.

Paul Newcomb

Environmental, Health, Safety & Regulatory Affairs


I worked with Dave for 3 years at one of the largest food manufacturers in the world. Dave proved to be able to consistently navigate the political winds of our organization, paying strict attention to individuals' levels of emotional intelligence and their varying approaches to leadership, and made connections with people to inspire 'right direction' and forward motion from our leadership teams. He is a consumate influencer who will provide candid, thought provoking advice in your best interest. Confidant par excellence.

Scott Semper

Corporate Manufacturing Development Mgr at MillerCoors

Juan Cordero Pic

Tuve la fortuna de tener a David como coach de Mejora Continua. Las herramientas de Avanulo son sencillas, faciles de implementar y generan excelentes resultados . Desarrollan sentido de compromiso y facilitan el seguimiento puntual a todas las actividades que generan valor al negocio.

Juan Cordero

Sr Project Manager Engineering en Del Monte Foods, Inc.

Daniela Notari Pic

O método Avanulo tem sido uma ótima ferramenta para a nossa empresa em vários aspectos. Urn deles, com o qual tive mais contato, foi a forma introduzida para gerenciamento de projetos. Esse método não só nos ajudou a organizar e gerenciar nossos projetos, mas como também nos trouxe disciplina. Super recomendado!

Daniela Notari

Procurement & Operations Associate na Avenues: The World School

Aderson De Brito

Dave e a Avanulo nos trouxeram excelentes resultados com suas novas ferramentas de gestão e com seus diferenciados processos de gestão de projetos. Sendo assim, recomendo a Avanulo como ótima parceira para Ihe apresentar oque há de melhor em melhoria contínua !

Anderson de Brito

Gerente Industrial I PCP I Logística I Manutenção Supply Chain no Grupo Polar


Dave es un emprendedor, un desarrollador de ideas estrategicas que permiten trabajar con procesos seguros, con Ia mas alta calidad, otorgando confiabilidad para que todos los objetivos de la compañia, se puedan cumplir en tiempo y forma, es honesto, confiable y con una actitud de servicio al mas alto nivel de humildad, nuestros resultados lo dicen, al momento que Ilego Dave a Ia compañia, todo mejoro considerablemente.

Adolfo Martinez

Gerente area en Mead Johnson Nutrition

Cleiton Constante Pic

David é um profissional altamente qualificado e focado em suas estratégias para o negócio.
Suas estratégias influênciam diretamente ao crescimento do nosso processo produtivo pois usa linguagem simples e com foco na resolução de situações adversas e pontuais que possam dificultar a continuidade de todo o processo.
Com suas idéias chegamos à um estágio de controle de nossos Gastos mensais, controle do Processo Produtivo, controle de Estoque, controle de Manutenção em um tempo recorde e apartir daí somos altamente qualificados e precisos em nossas decisões.
Eu recomendo David pois ele é capacitado à direcionar qualquer empreendimento ao sucesso mostrando formas simples e eficaz de controle e auto gerenciamento.

Cleiton Constante

Supervisor de Produção na Mead Johnson Nutrition-ABNM

Wagner Porto Pic

Dave é urn gerente detalhista, sempre conseguia fazer com que seu time entender o foco do problema, com seu método de trabaiho ( planilhas e gráficos).Excelente profissional.

Wagner Porto

Maintenance Engineer


I had the opportunity to received couching and friendly tools to manage projects and track the advance, savings and prioritization of tasks versus the goals using a friendly metrics.
David and Avanulo has a huge expertise to managing projects and sensibility to customize his tools and models to different industries and punctual problems inside the companies.

M. Alejandro Soriano

Process Engineer & Packaging Consultant at Mead Johnson Nutrition

Keith L Jenkins Pic

Dave Cahill is the greatest strategic thinker that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His command of 5 languages, his writing ability and planning genius has placed him in an elite class of business professional.

Keith L. Jenkins

Director, Human Resources at Kettering Health Network

Michael neuwrith

During the most placid as well as challenging times in the course of business [and life generally] Dave demonstrates a preciously valuable demeanor - calm, thoughtful and directed - while maintaining focus on the objectives at hand. He also has a remarkably kind nature and humanistic approach.

Michael Neuwirth

Public Relations & Corporate Communications Executive

Virginia Hegwood

Dave Cahill is a unique, well rounded business professional. Dave demonstrates an innate ability to synthesize information and formulate strategies to address all aspects of business. In addition, Dave has an uncanny ability to uncover organizational opportunities and develop creative solutions to resolve them. I highly recommend Dave for any opportunity that requires a sharp mind, a commitment to results and character at its finest.

Virginia Hegwood (Marks)

Director, Education & Skills for Engagement Pillar at ES3

JOhn Atkinson

This man is simply a "master of communication and articulation."

David is one of the most perceptive, insightful and eloquent business professionals I've had the pleasure to work with. He has an amazing ability to effectively identify and progressively transform-- both the people he is working with-- as well as the situations and challenges he is working through. I have never seen a top level manager with any better skills than David. I consider the opportunities I've had working with David advantageous into developing my own professional and personal skills. He is a great influence, teacher, and friend.

So if your company is looking for the guidance or assistance of a true professional in any situation, I suggest you immediately contact David and let him work his magic so that you can be as impressed as I have been.

John G. Atkinson, CSP, CLSSBB

John Atkinson, MS, CSP, CLSSBB

EHS Facilitator at Avanulo and Dynamic Safety Concepts


This is a personal note on David's abilities to undertake the task, leading the people and seek feedback which helped us to give proper direction to the operation of the factory. The focus on process improvement and alignment of people and their activities to the priorities of the company, helped us achieve the objectives efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend David's work and I am sure you will get the results you expect.

Joel Flores

Gerente de Planta

David Stuckey

Dave is an energetic, enthusiastic professional who utilizes superb communications skills coupled with a solid technical background to acheive the objectives and needs of his client He is a pleasure to work with, well-received by all levels of an organization and is well-organized.

David A. Stuckey

David Stuckey

EHS Consultant

Eddie Pike Pic

I've known Dave for 13 years and he set the bar for other HR Managers to follow. He is one of the most honest and ethical HR individuals I have worked with in my career. He is very adept at all aspects within the Human Resources field. He relates well to all levels of the organization and has the ability to develop those around him. I highly recommend Dave.

Eddie Pike

Sr. HR Generalist


Thanks, Dave!

We do a daily 480. (8-hour workday.) It's been a really great transition for us. We have our list of Socratic questions we ask along with a correlating Action List. We began doing weekly Project Health reviews a few weeks ago and we're starting Project Deep Dives in August.

You'll have to slop by our new office next time you're in the neighborhood. We're at 18 N Washington now.


Happy Birthday Aimeel Are you doing 1440?


Aimee Bucher

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