• Faced with a tough goal that cannot fail? 

  • Embroiled in a crisis? 

  • Bogged down with mediocre talent?

  • Frustrated by the limits of Lean and Six Sigma?

  • You are not alone.


Risk Management

 Managing Risk for Relentless Achievement
  • When a failure or crisis occurs in one area of your business it sends ripples through the entire organization that often push other marginally performing systems into the red, causing a Cascade Failure. 
  • Such a Cascade can have long lasting effects that are not immediately apparent.  Systems stressed by the sudden lack of attention, when everyone is distracted, can finally fail months, or even years, later plaguing the organization with a run of subpar results.
  • We at Avanulo, are accomplished business people who have dealt with every type of crisis in a variety of industries.  We have the skills, experience and technical expertise needed to help you prevent or address the risks that lead to Cascade Failure.

 Examples of our success in Risk Management

  • Led over a dozen organizations to injury free status, achieving millions of safe hours of operation while reducing workers compensation costs by up to 85%.
  • Presided over scores or regulatory visits with a 97% rate of “no citation – no fine” outcomes.
  • Implemented a bold new protocol that eliminated the onset of a non-curable, sometimes fatal, industrial disease in new employees.  The solution has held for 12 years and counting.
  • Oversaw the mitigation of one of the largest industrial fish kills in Ohio, enabling the organization to invest a considerable portion of its fine in capital improvements to prevent recurrence.
  • Led the charge to address a mysterious illness affecting dozens of employees on the eve of a major product launch.  Partnered with regulatory agencies and resolved the issue such that employees were safe and the launch went on as planned.
  • Restored the trust and confidence of employees on many occasions when third party representation was under consideration.

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