• Faced with a tough goal that cannot fail? 

  • Embroiled in a crisis? 

  • Bogged down with mediocre talent?

  • Frustrated by the limits of Lean and Six Sigma?

  • You are not alone.



Structural Engineer - 12 month assignment
Avanulo seeks a degreed Engineer who has experience reviewing plans and prints for buildings fabricated from structural steel. 

  • This is a project-based assignment that will last approximately 12 months.  The work may be done from your office or home anywhere in the continental US
  • We seek someone who can hit the ground running.  There is no room for learning curve on this project

 The qualified candidate will:

  • be a degreed engineer who speaks English absolutely fluently
  • have at least 3 years of recent experience checking shop drawings against contract drawings for steel structures, detailing deficiencies and discrepancies of design in actionable written reports, and then expounding upon identified issues in teleconferences or in face-to-face meetings
  • be familiar with standard RFI processes

 The distinguished candidate will:

  • have all of the attributes of the qualified candidate  
  • have 5 or more years of recent experience in structural design and plan review
  • hold a civil engineering degree
  • have a track record of ensuring that the designs and plans meet standard practices, and that the intent of the contract is upheld, while the integrity of the structure is sound

 The preferred candidate will:

  • have all of the attributes of the preferred candidate
  • hold a degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering
  • have 7 or more years of recent experience reviewing designs and plans, and will have a track record of adding value that results not only in structural integrity and contract conformance, but provides optimization through economy and creative application and ensures the realization of the business purpose of the structure. 

 All candidates must have their own equipment including computer, software (especially PDF reader), cell phones, workspace, etc. 

 The selected candidate will work as a 1099 contractor. 

 The wage for this assignment is competitive. 

 Travel is 15% or less. 

 Send resume with wage requirements to info@avanulo.com.

Opportunities for Independent Contractors

Avanulo seeks manufacturing leaders who have a proven track record of achieving operational excellence through people rather than through capital investment to serve as Embedded Consultants.
  We seek energetic, passionate leaders who know how to quickly win the confidence and loyalty of a team and transition it into a Relentless Achievement Organization.  The ideal candidate will have led a manufacturing team of 100 or more from a losing to a winning position in 180 days or less and will have sustained a position of operational excellence for an extended period of time.  Qualified candidates will have well-rounded manufacturing experience in more than one industry, will be able to demonstrate an ability to work through others, will be financially literate, have a working knowledge of general regulatory requirements, a solid education in continuous improvement to include a practical knowledge of Mura and Muri, practical experience applying management by fact methodologies such as balanced scorecard, and SAP, and an ability and willingness to travel extensively.  The preferred candidate, will speak more than one language proficiently, hold a valid passport, and have worked internationally even in short stints.  At Avanulo, we are proud to serve businesses that are growing, and businesses that are troubled.  We help create and save jobs.  Do you want to make a difference?  Send resumes to info@avanulo.com


Avanulo seeks HR Managers and Generalists for its fast growing In-service business.
More and more organizations are seeing the benefit of having Avanulo manage their HR functions.  Our approach goes beyond transactions to business impact.  Do you want to make a difference?  Join us, learn The Avanulo Way©, and help Miami Valley businesses jump start the economy.  Send your resume and availability to info@avanulo.com.